Our Programs

Change your life by changing your mind, taking care of your body and finding peace.  Inspiration

Renewal and Reset

This program is designed for those who have experienced a major life change and/or NEED a life change of any degree. Maybe you just need a jump start or a complete realignment.  Inspiration and guidance for making a transition towards a more fulfilled purpose. 

Movement, mindset strategies and spiritual development assist in recovery


This unique approach to recovery is refreshing and effective. By incorporating movement with specific mindset skills and spiritual development, healing is achievable.  Trama and substance abuse clients find a strong foothold in the services provided. 

Discover the keys to living a happy, peaceful and fulfilling life at any age. Resouces and tools.


Growth based sessions that focus on :

  • Life Mapping
  • Holistic Alternatives
  • Law of Attraction
  • Life Skills
  • Resources
  • Strategies for Self Love
  • Sacred Rituals

Workshop Topics

Space Enhancement

One of our most requested topics.  How to enhance your personal space at home, in the workplace, even in your vehicle. Using a variety of techniques including Feng Shui, color, lighting and texture we assess your personal needs and incorporate simple solutions that can defragment your space and allow a fresh Chi to flow.  On-site consultation available. 

Back to the Breath

Most people in today's society have actually forgotten to breathe properly.  We review basic breathing techniques used in Yoga. 

Chakra Dance

This workshop is hands on and involves extensive movement.  The Chakras and their meanings are discovered in depth. Learn how to open and close your Chakra and remove blocks.

The Meditating Mind

A brief overview of the origins of meditation. Myths and truths revealed.  Resources for guided meditations. 


Exploration of various types of restorative yoga specifically focusing on Eastern Yoga styles. 

Mind Mapping

Our most popular topic.  This powerful workshop outlines conscious intentions and how to manifest them in your life. 

Topics are updated frequently....Check back often

As our community grows our offerings change and grow. Prices of workshops vary depending on the topic and location.  Please contact us for more details.